Saturday, September 10, 2011

She's Gone Country

Bing loving life in Bragg

I was taking a walk with the babe through our lovely hamlet of Bragg Creek yesterday. Though there are leaves on the ground, the sun was shining and it was practically sweltering. Gotta love hot weather in September! This summer marks our fifth year since moving from the city to the rural life.

I really wasn't sure this country living thing was for me, but despite its challenges, I honestly love it. There's just a feeling of R&R that you don't get in the city. I could never turn "off" living in the city. I'd go to work and as soon as I finished there, I'd rush around doing all sorts of errands for home. It was never ending.

Now, when I get home, I'm home and that's it. It's like a sanctuary from the frantic city. Sure, there's stuff to be done around the house (a lot more maintenance in fact than our city homes ever needed), but it's not the kind of thing that you need to do every day. Most days, we'll just sit and enjoy being in nature or take a walk to the river with the dog or grab an ice cream at the local shop.

Anyhoo, I wrote about making the city/country transition for Avenue. Have a boo.

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