Monday, December 7, 2009

Way Better than a Slap Chop!

This month, check out Alberta Venture and City Palate magazines and get the scoop on self-proclaimed "chief knife nerd" Kevin Kent. Kevin owns Knifewear, a funky Hamono-ya (knife shop) in Calgary filled with everything you could imagine in Japanese knives. He actually let me manhandle a $900 knife that I nicked my finger with as soon as I picked it up. (For those familiar with my cooking skills, or lack thereof, this is unsurprising.) But the dang thing was so wickedly sharp that it really did no damage. It's true, the sharper the knife, the safer it is.

So, you really should invest in a good knife. Or buy one for a loved one this Christmas. You can shop in-store or online at Knifewear. Here's the advice I write in my Palate sidebar:
Tips for gifting a knife
It’s believed if you give a knife as a gift, you could sever the relationship. So, put a coin in the box with the knife. That way, the giftee can give you back the coin so the knife is no longer a gift.

When selecting a knife for a gift, Kent says “it has to be really pretty so when you open the box, you’re like ‘wow.’ Or, you have to really know what the person would like and use it for. A knife that makes me sweat isn’t exactly everyone’s version of beauty.”

The best plan is to let people choose for themselves. That way, they can get the perfect fit. Plus, it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon—slicing and dicing!

Hossan, chop!