Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finalist for Top Canadian Travel Story Award

Just wanted to share some good news. Found out from fellow travel writer Alyssa Schwartz yesterday that my On the Trail story in Prairies North magazine is a finalist for Top Canadian Travel Story at the the Canadian Tourism Commission's 2011 GoMedia Awards. Though I didn't win, it is genuinely nice to be a finalist. Just look at how happy the other nominees were at the Emmys when Melissa McCarthy won!
Alyssa is at this year's GoMedia event, and saw my story posted on the finalists board. BTW, GoMedia is an annual marketplace for travel writers to connect with tourism professionals from across Canada. I typically attend every year, but missed it last year due to a preggo belly and this year because I'm not yet ready or organized enough to leave Miss Annabel for that many days (never mind that she's still on the boob).
Anyhow, this news has me pumped for next year!

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