Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vancouver with the babe

Illustration by Anne Smith

As I prepare for another trip to Vancity (and Richmond) with my wee one Annabel (this time solo-parenting on the flight, eek!), I remember how good it was the last time around, as our first family trip. And so I breathe. Check out what's family-friendly, in particular, baby-friendly, in this most liveable city in my latest piece for up! magazine.

Monday, June 18, 2012

All that Glitters

Two years have flown by since I visited the opening of the Sparkling Hill Resort in Vernon, BC.

And yet, I can remember it like yesterday. All the beautiful bling of this Swarovski palace has been seared into my brain. Heck, even the washroom signs were made up with Swarovski crystals! They also have a massive spa with a full menu of treatments including a cold sauna. Check it out in my story for the Hip & Urban Girl's Guide.

Time for this girl to make a return visit!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Clean water, please!

As someone who relies on a well for my drinking water, I'm very aware about how we treat our water and do everything to prevent contaminating the groundwater. Most folks just rely on the water treatment plants in their cities, which is to be expected. But that's also why many folks have little to no idea of how much water is contaminated on a daily basis around the world, often times from industrial settings.

Dr. Brent Wootton at the CAWT
Thankfully, there are groups like the Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment (CAWT) in Lindsay, Ontario, that are working specifically on tackling water treatment issues. In particular, they're coming up with innovative, environmentally-sound and cost-effective strategies. I had a chat with the centre's director and senior scientist, Dr. Brent Wootton, for the Canada Foundation for Innovation. See what's happening on the water front!