Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Going Back to Au Naturel

It's funny. You'd think that being pregnant would be a time when going "au naturel" would make the most sense. And I'm referring to health supplements, not strutting around naked (although I don't judge those who wish to do so). And yet, pregnant women are advised not to take anything herbal or "natural", not because they are necessarily bad for the growing babe, but because there's been no testing of such products on pregnant women.

I recently interviewed a couple of researchers at BCIT who are trying to fill the gap in how effective Natural Health Products (NHPs) really are. Not only do they hope to determine efficacy of NHPs through a holistic approach, but they also plan to see what additional benefits NHPs may have that have not been traditionally explored. You can see my story at Innovation

Now that I'm in the homestretch (38 weeks pregnant and counting), I'm looking forward to having my babe and also being able to enjoy NHPs again, starting with my soothing herbal teas and essential oils.

I bet some of you are wondering what my take on birthing and going "natural" is. Let's just say I'm keeping an open mind! Here's hoping for an "easy birth"--an oxymoron, I'm told.

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