Monday, June 15, 2015

Gold Rush!!

Photo by Colin Way/Swerve

Every summer, no, more like every season, my hubby discovers a new "hobby." I use quotations because his "hobbies" are never leisurely like hobbies should be. Instead, they are all-consuming and often leave me speechless and fearful for all that they entail.

His most recent exploit is none other than gold panning. Yes, that's right, folks, I said gold panning. No need to check your calendars, it is 2015. And yet, he has embarked on this old-timey pursuit with as much ferocity as all his others.

Since he's so far only found a microscopic flake here and there, I realized that I had better sell a story as that will likely be the only money we ever see out of this venture! Ha!

Have a read of it in Swerve magazine.

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