Friday, January 4, 2013

California Dreaming

Fresno County's Blossom Trail, photo courtesy of Fresno CVB

I'm just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel after being sicker than I have been for years. I caught the flu--what the doctor tells me is the "most vicious stream" he's seen in years--from none other than my own little cesspool of germs, my dear, sweet toddler, Annabel.

And so I start the New Year, looking fondly back at some of my less flu-stricken times, such as our trip down to California, back in April.

That was our first family trip beyond the borders of Canada, and we decided to road trip from San Francisco to Fresno and then Sacramento. It was a super fun experience, and Jason and I learned a lot about travelling with a wee one as we checked out some lesser-known gems of California.

Here's a look at my story in Avenue Calgary magazine.

You can also learn more about Fresno in my City Palate story. I know, you're thinking, why'd you go to Fresno? Well, read the story and find out. (The story starts on page 42, and it helps to view it on a single-page spread vs. a double.)

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