Thursday, May 17, 2012

BC Delights: Sea Salish Chocolate Bars

So I'm working away, and I start to have a severe sugar craving. There's no point in trying to ignore it. Such cravings never just go away on their own. That's when I remember the box of Salish Sea Chocolate Bars given to me by Tourism BC and its partners. They were in town last month and graciously hosted a bunch of us journos to a delicious meal at Model Milk restaurant. The menu showcased BC goods of course, and I enjoyed Dungeness Crab and Macadamia, BC Steelhead (wow!) and polished things off with a serving of Lemon and Okanagan Blueberry Pot au Creme. My mouth salivates at the memory.

It all makes me eager for my next trip to BC, happening most likely in July. In the meantime, these "Crow Bars" will have to tide me over. (I'm enjoying the play on words of the name though I'm not sure it's deliberate.) Check out the amazing artwork by Jim Hart on the packaging and the bar itself. You can see my craving could not wait until after the photo was taken...yum, yum, yum.

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