Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baby Saver

Annabel, fresh outta the womb!
When I was pregnant, I continually fretted about the baby coming early. All any parent really wants is to have a healthy baby, and the earlier a baby arrives, the more health challenges tag along for the ride. A few of my friends have had preemie babies, and while the kids are all doing great now, thank goodness, I don't envy them the incredible stress and worry of having a tiny human, often struggling to survive. Lucky for me, Annabel arrived the day after her due date.

That's why I was so pleased I had the chance to interview Dr. Carolyn McGregor for a story for the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI). Wow, talk about an inspiring lady! Her life's work will help to save the lives of many preterm babies with the amazing software she has developed in partnership with IBM. Check it on the CFI's newly redesigned site. (Actually, the site is not yet completely finalized so please forgive any hiccups you may find.)

Also, have a look-see at the IBM commercial inspired by McGregor's research.

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