Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Year's Resolution or Should I Say, Reconstitution

The New Year is creeping up on us, and with it, the annual desire to clean the slate and have a fresh start. I've never been big on New Year's resolutions. I'm more of a fan of year-round resolutions. But this year, I find myself looking at the New Year mark as a "ready, set, go" trigger for getting back in shape. I know, I know, how cliche. But truly, pregnancy has done a number to this once happy body. Now it's all , how shall we say, loosey goosey. I really should have been much more appreciative of how low maintenance it was before. Now, I see a hard road ahead, full of crunchies and other strenuous and time-consuming, not to mention boring, abdominal and pelvic exercises. Sigh.

Hence, the reconstitution. Reconstitution of my body that is. Or here's hoping (see above image minus the retro '80s highcut aerobic pantie). In truth, the New Year could really be an excuse for my procrastination to date. But I prefer to keep things on the up side so we'll view it as goalsetting rather than goal-avoiding.

With this newfound focus on my health, it's only fitting that a few of my last assignments before maternity leave were for the Apple, Alberta Health Services' magazine. In it, I interview Olympic Champion Chandra Crawford who had to go through a different kind of reconstitution, recovering from her injuries to compete at the 2010 Olympics. Read about how she makes her health as big a priority as her sport.

Here's to a healthy and happy 2011!

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  1. You and me both Seto!
    Only I'm starting next Monday, as I have a Christmas party on January 8th that I need to lose 30lbs for. Or five.