Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Baby-Free Final Hurrah?

Me and my furry child on our last Okanagan road trip adventure.

With baby on the way, hubby Jason and I have been pondering whether we should take a final trip before we officially become parents. (Sounds a bit ominous, doesn't it?) Realistically, we don't anticipate making any travel plans or what's known as a "babymoon" for a good six months after baby arrives. For me, that's a really long stretch.

So, I'm thinking, yes, we need to plan some twosome getaway time (even though that's likely what got me in this "condition" to begin with!) To be entirely accurate, it would be a threesome--not the kinky kind, but the canine kind, which sounds pretty kinky actually. We would never roadtrip without our furry child, Bing.

As much as I'd like to head back to Maui, one of our favourite spots, especially since Jason got sicker than a dog on the last visit, we haven't budgeted for such a trip nor will I likely be able to fly in a few more weeks' time. [See my Maui stories in up! and on if you're thinking about going...lucky bastard.]

That means ROAD TRIP! For us, that typically equates to a jaunt off to the Okanagan, another one of our favourite locations. I was recently in Vernon, checking out the new Sparkling Hill resort. (Stay tuned for my story in up! magazine this September.) So, it'd be fun to head back again and also visit some friends in the Kelowna area. I mean, just look how much fun was had on previous trips as seen in my "Food and Fun in BC's Okanagan Valley" gallery.

Anyhow, the clock is ticking, and as we all know, summer always flies by so I guess I better go plan me a trip!

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