Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day, baby!

Photo: NASA Glenn Research Center (NASA-GRC)

Yes, tomorrow is officially Earth Day, although personally, I really try to treat every day as Earth Day. Sounds hokey, right?

But honestly, it takes little to no effort to do something "green" each and every day to help preserve this lovely planet we call home. I reuse things every chance I get--scrap paper, gift wrap, cards, plastic containers/bags, and then of course I recycle them once they've had more than a few days in the sun. And I do my very best to buy less overall, or buy used. I choose items with less packaging, fewer chemical ingredients and recycled content (even if it costs a bit more!). And I use my dollars to support companies with a social conscience. We really can vote with our pocketbooks, folks!

Okay, enough preaching. Just go do it already. And have a boo at my Earth Day gallery on for ideas on how to keep the Earth beautiful.

Happy Earth Day!

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