Saturday, October 31, 2009

Calgary's Top 40 under 40

This past Thursday night, Avenue magazine unveiled their Top 40 under 40 list with a party at Calgary's new Gasoline Alley Museum at Heritage Park. Though I was not on the list (I've heard ample outrage about this! :P), I did profile several of the folks who did. And there are some pretty impressive folks on this list. One fellow, Corey Marshall, has taken his family's travel business from $2.2 million to $23 million in just four years. Did I mention he's only 30? Another, Dan Balaban, is on his third successful multimillion-dollar business, now leading the charge for wind energy in Alberta. Still another, Eric Sit, is what I call a Boy Wonder, excelling in areas as varied as IT, ballroom dancing, photography, singing and being a dad. Geeta Tucker shows us that balancing the books isn't enough; you have to also advance the business and do so with integrity. She was named a CMA Fellow--their highest honor. Finally, Vivian Hill helps at-risk kids get important eye care to avoid preventable blindness. That's just a taste of who's a mover and shaker in town.

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