Monday, July 13, 2009

Chili Day!

On this rainy and blustery Calgary day (did I mention it's July?), I'm glad I have some tasty chili to mange on. I whipped it up last night since Jason is away and he's not a big fan. This way I can enjoy to my stomach's content without having to listen to him grumble about the lack of a "real meal."

It's sad that we have such "chili" days (get it?) in July here, but at the same time, chilies, stews, and soups are some of my all-time favourite foods. Especially some of the yummy concoctions Carmie Nearing, owner of Spoonfed Soups, puts together. Here's a Q&A I did with Carmie for Alberta Venture mag a while back. If you're in Calgary and you haven't tried Spoonfed yet, you should. Delish.

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